Anatomy of an Ad: Eat Local Drink Local (TM)

Everybody seems to be concerned about the little  blue planet these days.  At Hawk Haven, we are too.  I’m working on an ad/t-shirt concept that embodies our environmental sensibilities.

I try to eat local foods whenever I can.  I went to college in VT, so the “eat local” concept  is burned irreversibly into my brain.  The logic is that local food has less carbon expenditure per calorie because it traveled fewer miles from the farm to your mouth. 

Although people have internalized the “eat local” mentality, it’s very common to pair a plate-full of locally grown fruits and vegetables with a California  or even European wine.  We want people to realize there’s an environmentally friendly alternative: Hawk Haven’s, NJ grown and produced wines.

Check out the concept below.  The final image will be hand drawn and much prettier than my little concept below.  Would you wear a t-shirt with this image on it?  Do you think local wines are just as important as local foods?  Discuss… 

Eat Local Drink Local Concept Image(TM)

Signing off from Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery in Cape May County, NJ – Cape May Wine Country ~ Cate Hylas

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