The Oldest Wine Press On Earth

Archeologists recently unearthed what looks to be the oldest wine-making facility ever discovered. Clocking in at an impressive 6,000 years old, the wine press was found in a southern Armenian dig site. This site is fully 1,000 years older than any previously discovered wine making operation, and was part of a grave site that most likely had mourners drinking a “dry red vintage” as part of a burial ritual.

6,000 Year Old Grapes

The wine press itself was a shallow clay basin which would probably have held a few gallons of juice and grapes. The ancient vintners probably used the time honored method of foot stomping to juice the grapes, and biochemical analysis of the stems and seeds found at the site point to a dry red wine as the result.

The oldest wine making facilty ever discovered.

The surrounding area of the Little Caucasus Mountains is rich in wine history, and to this day produces rich merlots and cabernet sauvignons. The nearby discoveries of obsidian tools and other trade goods point to a complex society that involved multiple communities.

So even 6,000 years ago the earliest of mankind were enjoying wine. That makes kicking back with a glass of merlot a trip back in time to our primitive roots, a journey through the ages to one of the most ancient and important traditions of humanity. But that’s only if it’s a REALLY good glass of wine!

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