Two New Wines: Quill and Talon

Hawk Haven is proud to release two brand new wines for all you Cape May County wine lovers. These two latest additions to the selection are Talon and Quill, and they are both very special to everyone at Hawk Haven. From the vine, to the blending, to the special packaging the folks at Hawk Haven have spared no expense to make sure this is one of the best wines they’ve ever produced.

The Talon was bottled on December 13th, and the Quill was bottled on December 15th.  Both were released on December 18th to our premium Wine Club members and have just been released to the public this weekend.  They will be offered along with our Chocolate and Wine pairings all weekend Feb 11th through the 13th.

Hawk Haven Merlot GrapesThe Talon is 50% estate Merlot and 50% estate Syrah.  While Merlot has proven to be a premier varietal at Hawk Haven, Todd planted the Syrah in 2000 and quickly learned that it can be very temperamental varietal… for the first 5 to 7 years.  After years of careful care, and fighting the rising urge to pull the vines and graft Merlot instead, he finally got a full fruit set in 2008.  Now, nearly three years later, Todd is finally seeing the fruits of his labor, pun fully intended, with this gorgeous blend.  The Syrah lends boldness, structure and spice to the blueberry and cherry notes of the well balanced Merlot.  A lovely pair.

The Quill is a Bordeaux blend; 43% estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Cabernet Franc and 28% estate Merlot.  Another great showcase for Hawk Haven’s estate Merlot, this blend is an instant classic.  14 years ago when Todd and his brother planted over 1,700 Cabernet Sauvignon vines, they were taking a chance on a grape variety that is known to be the last to bud and ripen.  Longer hang time means more maintenance, more expense and more headaches at harvest.  They could have been conservative and planted a hybrid or native, but it would have been out of character to take the path of least resistance.

Todd and Kenna are asked often in the Hawk Haven tasting room “What’s your specialty?”  Well, these two new releases answer that question; taking chances, hard work and estate blends. Hawk Haven took special care in developing these new wines, from the inside of the bottle to the new look of the label. They plan to add to this new line as they create more wines that live up to the high standards set by Quill and Talon.


Talon2008 TALON

Blend: 50 % Merlot; 50 % Syrah
Aging: 24 Months in French Oak
Alcohol: 13.4 %
Bottle Date: December 13th, 2010
Production: 100 Cases





This is an excellent food wine with European stylings. On the nose graphite, ripe perfumed blueberry, cheery and pie spice hints. Full, rich structure and well integrated French oak and a two minute finish with the flavor of blueberry pie. Will evolve for 5 years and drink well for ten.  Released on February 11th, 2011.



Quill2008 QUILL

Blend: 43 % Cabernet Sauvignon; 29 % Cabernet Franc; 28 % Merlot
Aging: 24 Months in French Oak
Alcohol: 13.4 %
Bottle Date: December 15th, 2010
Production: 175 Cases





Classic Bordeaux structure with grace and power. Mouth-filling with a wonderful tannin, acid interplay. On the nose blackberry and plum with a hint of minerality. An excellent food wine.  Released on February 11th, 2011.

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