Know Your Vines – Syrah

Syrah is an unruly tenant in the Hawk Haven vineyard, and has just recently been tamed and bottled in our new Talon wine. For over 6 years Todd has worked to shape these tangled vines into a productive member of the Hawk Haven family, and he has finally succeeded.


For the first several growing seasons, the Syrah vines were close to unmanageable. They produced very little fruit, and because the plant’s energy wasn’t spent making grapes that energy went right into making more vines. On top of this explosion of growth the vines were susceptible to bud necrosis, and had to be re-pruned much more than usual to organize new cordons.

Now, after years of hard work, the vines have finally settled in and started producing fruit; and what fruit it is! Syrah produces large, long clusters of large deep blue and purple grapes. The loose clusters of fruit can be up to 9” long, and the grapes up to the size of a quarter each.

Todd likes to let the Syrah grapes stay on the vine for a little bit longer than other grapes. The large grapes contain a lot of moisture, and letting them dry out a bit before harvest concentrates the flavors, making the wine that much better. Once the skin of the fruit starts to dimple, it’s ready for harvest. What a sweet reward for so much hard work!

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