Maggie the Vineyard Dog

Hey everyone, I figured it was time to introduce myself. My name’s Maggie, and I’m the newest member of the Hawk Haven family! I was born on August 15th in 2010, and I came home to my new family at Hawk Haven on October 6th! People say that I’m a full bred German Short-Haired Pointer, but I just know that I’m a lucky dog with a whole vineyard to run around in every day!


Here I am in front of the Tasting Room. Do you like my collar?

Ever since my first week here I’ve know that I’m a vineyard dog. I spend every day with Todd, we walk up and down the rows, prune and take care of the vines, and I even help greet customers that come to the tasting room sometimes! Some days I don’t get to come out, so I just sit and keep a lookout through the window for my people to come home. I don’t mind, sometimes it’s good to take a break!


Taking breaks in the shade is great!

My favorite thing in the whole world to do is play fetch! I like chasing my ball, and even fetching cut vines. My newest trick is pretty great, I can catch a ball in mid air! The other thing I like to do is point; it’s something Pointers like me are made to do, you know? I make sure to point out all the critters that run around the vineyard, and I help chase off the birds. Todd and Kenna say that if I keep the birds away from the grapes at harvest time that I’ll be earning my keep. That sounds pretty great to me, I figure that people appreciate all the work that Todd and Kenna put into the grapes more than those old birds do!


That's me with my ball!

If you want to be a vineyard dog like me, just stop by Hawk Haven and say hello. If you get your people to take a picture of you while you’re here, and send it to Todd and Kenna, they might even put it up on something called Facebook. That sounds fun right? A great time to stop by is on Sundays, we have a party every Sunday here!

Anyway, I hope I see all of you at the vineyard someday soon! Bye!

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