To Santa From Maggie

Dear Santa,

Me at the computer, writing my letter.

Hello Santa, it’s me Maggie the dog! I overheard my owners talking about you one day and how you come to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to all who have been good this year. It’s a good thing I heard about you stopping by, because my brother Wally, he might be small and furry, but he has very sharp teeth and doesn’t really like new people coming to our house. But we are very excited to have you!

This cork is tasty but I would prefer a real bone.




I have been a very good dog this year. I’m very nice to everybody and I love to greet all the people that come to our vineyard. I almost never bark and I only sometimes chew on things I’m not supposed to (I couldn’t find the bone I wanted!).

This wrap keeps my ears warm.







I spent a lot of time helping my human dad Todd out on the vineyard. I did most of the work really. All he did was pull some of the leaves off and pluck those yucky little round things and putting them in big bins. Todd says they are grapes and they are really important for the winery. But I was the only one trying to chase all the animals away who were trying to eat those things.

Look how fast I am!
I even bring lots of presents to my owners, like birds, rodents, and even rabbits! My human mom Kenna must be eating them all, because her belly has gotten really big. Todd says that soon I will have a new baby brother or sister. I hope that he or she is as playful as I am and can run as fast as me! Wally is kind of slow and doesn’t always like to play. I promise to share my toys with this new baby and I will teach him or her how to catch more presents for our parents.
This Christmas tree doesn't have anything I would want under it!




I would like more bones to chew on, as well as lots of treats. I especially like the kind that tastes like bacon. I love to run and catch things like balls, sticks, and Frisbees so more of those would be nice too. Anything else you can think of will probably be just fine with me!



I hope you like the biscuits we left for you; they are one of my favorite flavors: beef and gravy. I can’t wait for you to visit and I promise I will be very quiet when you come, and I’ll make sure Wally doesn’t bark either. Merry Christmas, Santa, and if you ever need any help pulling your sleigh around, I would love to help!

Sincerely, Maggie

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