The Salt of the World

For those of you who have visited Cape May County, New Jersey you know it is a wonderful place filled with many captivating sights, interesting shops, and a variety of things to do.

David McCarty of Hopping Frog Studios has been venturing all around town snapping photos and talking to residents, visitors, and business owners in order to showcase the area’s unique charm and character in his new digital magazine, SALT.

McCarty has also resolved to promote the idea and act of buying locally, something we at Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery are very passionate about. SALT Magazine and the Buy Local movement are about “supporting people and businesses who work outside of the mainstream and fight for just a little independence… Things that should be rewarded.”

So check out the magazine, it’s filled with stunning photos and engaging articles. And remember to buy local next time you’re out shopping! You’d be surprised how much of your everyday purchases can help support the local economy.

Comments on ‘The Salt of the World’:

  1. Thanks for the plug guys. The more local businesses support one another, the better everyone will do. It’s not rocket science. And when consumers support local businesses, everyone wins. Keep up the kick ass work. You’re one of our shining stars.

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