Made in NJ: A Look at Jersey-Made Products

One of the things we at Hawk Haven are very passionate about is supporting our local environment, communities, and businesses. For starters, our award-winning wines are made with 100% Jersey-grown grapes, most of which comes from right here in Cape May County. Our wine pairing dinners feature local chefs and/or locally grown produce. We love the farm-to-table movement and some of the items on our Saturdays on the Crushpad menu are grown right here at the vineyard.

Hawk Haven Vineyard

We are always thrilled to see local businesses thrive, whether it be here in Cape May County or throughout the state of New Jersey. That’s why we’ve decided to do a little research and see what kinds of businesses and manufacturers are around here keeping things Jersey fresh. We think you’ll be just as pleasantly surprised as we were to find out how much of our everyday items are not just Made in the USA, but right here in NJ.

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So the first business we want to highlight is located in the town of Towaco in Morris County, New Jersey. In 1928 a Camden physician created an all-natural nutricious chocolate syrup by the name of Bosco Syrup. Does anyone remember it? Bosco Chocolate Syrup was very popular in the 1950s-1970s and you can still find it on grocery store shelves today. There are also a few restaurants and delis serving Bosco Chocolate soda. I even read that it was used as fake blood in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and artist Vik Muniz did a few paintings using the famous syrup.

painting by Vik Muniz

If you’ve had Bosco Syrup, tell us what you thought, share your memories, let us know where you’ve found it. If you see it at the grocery store, buy a bottle and know that you’re supporting a New Jersey business. And if you know of any other New Jersey businesses or manufacturers that you’d like to see on our blog, we would love to hear your suggestions!

Comments on ‘Made in NJ: A Look at Jersey-Made Products’:

  1. How about LazyMan (built-in grills and freestanding grills, appliances and accessories)?

    Founded in 1932 but we have been in New Jersey for over 50 years. Invented the outdoor gas grill in New Jersey in 1954. We have worked passional to invest in the Garden State adding jobs, better benefits and modernize our factory. Our effort is designed to jumpstart our local and national economy and support manufacturing in New Jersey and United States as a whole.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, we will add that to our list! Is there anyone we can email for more information if we need it?

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