Drink Wine and Live Forever

Three glasses a day keeps the dementia away!

Okay, that might be a stretch, but it’s something I’ve always said after accidentally polishing off a whole bottle.

By myself.

You’ve done it too, don’t lie to yourself. Anyways apparently I wasn’t totally off-base.

Recent studies have proved that resveratrol, a naturally-occurring chemical found in red wine, can “prolong lifespan,” slow the aging process, and improve blood flow. More blood flow to your brain = better brain function = maybe you don’t get dementia, or at least you stave it off for a bit longer.

Of course, the benefits probably start to be diminished by the negative effects of too much alcohol after that second glass, so we at Hawk Haven would like to officially promote drinking in moderation. But we also don’t have much experience in the concept of “leftover wine.”












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