A Post-Sandy Tour of Cape May – Part 1

People thought my mom was crazy for coming to visit me the weekend after Hurricane/Nor’ Easter/Superstorm Sandy. Living in Cape May County, two blocks from the bay, even she was sure I must be under several feet of water and sand. Looking at the devastation elsewhere throughout the East Coast, we are more than lucky to have experienced little to no damage. Our prayers go out to the many people who have suffered such great losses as a result of this storm and we hope you will join us in providing relief by donating to the American Red Cross.

Despite Sandy, Cape May is back up and running. My husband and I recently took a trip around to various landmarks and local businesses to see how things were looking, and I was so happy and grateful to find many people out and about and nearly everything open for business. Here are some pictures from our tour of Cape May.

The Red Store of Cape May Point

First stop: The Red Store of Cape May Point. If you haven’t heard of this place, you may already know of the owners if you’ve ever been to Quahog’s Seafood Shack in Stone Harbor. Chef Lucas Manteca and his wife Deanna run this lovely restaurant and the menu is not to be missed. They serve breakfast all day, but they also have a lunch and dinner menu with something for everyone.

I had the shrimp tacos which I’m still dreaming about, and my husband had the Maine Style Lobster Roll filled with chunks of delicious lobster. Like many restaurants in Cape May, this one is a BYO but it is also one of Hawk Haven’s retail outlets, so you can purchase our wine by the bottle at this location.

After lunch we were off to the lighthouse at the Cape May Point State Park. Oddly enough though I have been to the park many times, I had never actually been in the lighthouse. For only a few bucks you can climb to the top, and the occasional landings allowed us to catch our breath while learning some interesting facts about lighthouse operations as well as the surrounding area.

Cape May Lighthouse

At the top is the breathtaking view of Cape May Point. From this vantage you can see the old World War II bunker, Sunset Beach, and the beautiful wetlands where birdwatchers will love to catch a glimpse of all sorts of birds.

There is usually a staff member at the top of the lighthouse who is available to answer any questions about the history of the lighthouse. It’s actually very interesting and the view alone makes this outing well worth the admission price (not to mention you get plenty of exercise).

Cape May Point State Park is open all year from dawn to dusk, and

WWII bunker on the beach

the beach is free and open to the public. There is plenty of parking, clean bathrooms, and pavilions with picnic tables. Call (609) 884-5404 to find out if the lighthouse will be open for tours on the day you decide to visit.

Another fun place to visit in Cape May is Sunset Beach. Located at the West end of Sunset Boulevard is a small beach best known for Cape May “diamonds” and Atlantus, the concrete ship that has been stuck in a sandbar since 1926.

Sunset Beach, Cape May

Watch the ferry come and go, search the sand for sparkly quartz pebbles, and of course view a gorgeous sunset over the bay. There is also a cute little gift shop as well as mini-golf and The Grille with fresh cooked food and outdoor seating. Everything was open during my visit last week.

I have so many more pictures to share with you but this concludes today’s post. Check back next week for my next stops, including The Cove, the boardwalk, one of my favorite places to get drinks (besides Hawk Haven of course), and more! Also, please feel free to share your favorite places around Cape May, with pictures if you have them. If there are any spots you’d like me to feature in one of my future posts, send me an email at info@hawkhavenvineyard.com.



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