Post Sandy – Part 2

I grew up in Delaware but moved to Cape May in 2007. Though I sometimes miss home, I love living here. When my husband and I bought a house close to the bay, I was sure I would be spending every single day on that beach. Every summer begins with a vow to spend as much time on the sand, eating out at the many local restaurants, and enjoying all that Cape May has to offer. Then another summer goes by and I still struggle to think of what to say when guests at the winery ask, “What should we do while we’re here?”

So it was really nice to have this opportunity to experience the area. Last week I shared my travels around Cape May Point assessing the storm damage (or, thankfully, lack thereof), and now I’ll take you to a few places in West Cape May.

The Cove
The Cove Restaurant

The Cove is located at the south end of Beach Avenue and is a great spot to see dolphins swimming out in the ocean and lots of interesting little birds. I had never been to this part of the beach before and couldn’t tell that a major storm had passed through, but my husband likes to fish here and said

The Beach of Cape May

that the sand was a bit higher in many places. Nevertheless, there were many anglers, birdwatchers, and beach goers alike enjoying the beautiful weather (it is cold now but on this day it was in the 60’s). There is a nice pavilion overlooking the jetty, and The Cove Restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

Going back north on Beach Avenue, there were many people strolling the boardwalk, and even a few joggers. Though the streets and boardwalk were mostly clear of excess sand, the beach did look a little higher, but no damage that I could see.

Martini Beach

Across the street sits a few popular restaurants and hang-out spots, including Martini Beach and Cabana’s Beach Bar & Grill. Still standing, and although Martini Beach has closed for the season (they’ll be back Valentine’s Day weekend), Cabana’s is still open daily except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Washington Street Mall
Carriage Driver Amanda with the handsome Mr. Brutus.

Next we headed for the Washington Street Mall where you can find three blocks of unique shops and restaurants. I think it’s safe to say that almost anyone who has been to Cape May has been shopping here where you can find clothing, jewelry, artwork, freshly made fudge and caramel corn, and so much more. As a local this is one place I do love to visit throughout the year. Another fun thing to do is visit the Carriage Stop and go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. This really takes you back in time as you journey past the many Victorian-style houses that populate most of Cape May. The holiday season is perfect for a carriage ride where you can see all the pretty Christmas lights around town.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
Cape May Fish Market in Washington St. Mall.
You can buy Hawk Haven wine by the bottle here!
Delicious cocktails at the Mad Batter bar

After the Mall we headed down Jackson Street for one of my favorite places for drinks, The Mad Batter at The Carroll Villa. I am mainly a wine drinker but I can’t resist the mixed drinks here like the Taste of Paris martini or the Sexy Lexy. There are also a lot of great craft beers on tap, including beers from local breweries like Cape May Brewery and Tuckahoe Brewing Company. They even have Hawk Haven’s American Kestrel White, a stainless steel fermented Chardonnay. Breakfast here is great, and try the crab cakes or the marinated skirt steak for dinner.

Next door is another bed & breakfast/bar & restaurant, The Virginia Hotel and The Ebbitt Room. We didn’t stop here during this trip but they are still up and running, and definitely worth a visit. My husband and I ate here for our anniversary last month and the food was amazing. It’s another spot I love for drinks as well.

Again, our prayers go out to all those who were greatly affected by the storm. We are SO thankful that we made it through with so little damage.

Please continue to send your favorite places to visit in Cape May (leave a comment below, on our Facebook, tweet us @hawkhavenwinery, or email us at What is your favorite restaurant and what is your favorite menu item? Where do you like to go for a walk? What place is underrated? Next week I’ll share some pictures from other locations in Cape May County including some of your suggestions.




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