Crafty Corks

So you finished your Christmas shopping for the adults on your list ahead of time by buying a case of local wine. Awesome job! So… where is it? Oh you drank it all. Great.

Not to worry! Dig those corks out of the trashcan– its time to get crafty.


You’ve probably seen all sorts of clever decor made of out wine corks, and maybe you even wielded a hot glue gun to fashion a delightful wreath for your front door.

And who hasn’t seen the cork cork-board, the cork hotplate, or even the decorative vase filled with corks? You want something new, something fresh! You want something that would make Martha Stewart, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t own a trashcan, weep with joy at your resourceful craftiness!

Well, let us know when you come up with something. In the meantime, we’ve scoured the web for some of the more unique cork creations, and we hope you will enjoy pinning them to your “Crafts I Will Probably Never Do” Pinterest board.Bazaar Knights 03

Crocheted Cork Toys – “Oh no, mommy’s drinking again.” –Said no kid ever who has an army of cute little cork ninjas! While you’re at it, make a sweet cork house or castle for the little guys to hang out in. And little cork boats, and cork cars… you could make an entire village for the tiny cork people! On second thought, just give your kids some yarn, glue, and a bag of corks and let them handle it while you go have another glass.

Cork-Stamps-15Cork Stamps – Since this involves a craft knife, we would like to encourage you to save this one for a day when you didn’t drink an entire bottle of wine by yourself. If you don’t feel like carving images, just dip the plain cork in some paint and make polka dots. Everybody loves polka dots.

Cork Jewelry – Nothing says, “I am a classy and sophisticated individual,” like a pair of Sutter Home cork dangling earrings. Make a set using Hawk Haven corks and wear them next time you’re in the tasting room. We’ll give you a FREE high five.

Cork Armchair – You should probably get started right away.

In all seriousness, the world could do with a bit more recycling. It is always fun to think up new ideas for everyday objects. Send us your favorite cork crafts, and we’d love to see pictures of your creations!

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