Wine Tasting Tip: Ask Questions

Maybe you know nothing about wine. You have no idea what malolactic fermentation is and as far as you know, the only difference between red wine and white wine is that one is red and one is white. We’ve even had a  guest ask, “What are the purple things on the vines outside?”

Maybe you know a lot about wine. You can pick up the different influences of American oak versus French oak in a Chardonnay. Maybe you’re one of those wizards who can determine the exact vintage, varietal, and appellation after just one sip.

Either way and in between, there are plenty of questions to be asked and the winery staff is trained and eager to answer yours. So if you’re curious about something, don’t be afraid to ask. There really are no stupid questions, we have heard them all and we’re just here to make sure you have a good time and find something you like.

If you’re a beginner and not sure what to ask but want to learn more, some good questions to ask are:

  • What is the difference between wine fermented in steel versus in oak?
  • What food would be a good pairing for this wine?
  • At what temperature should I serve this wine?
  • What is the best way to store this wine and how long can I keep it before I open it?

If you’re a wine connoisseur, we know you have PLENTY of questions and hopefully we have sufficient answers for you.

One thing to remember about oenology and viticulture is that it is an ongoing learning Hawk Haven.IMG_0307experience. There are more wines out there than a person could taste in one lifetime, and new varietals and wine making processes are being discovered and new blends being created all the time. Socrates said that wisdom begins in wonder, and the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

The most important thing is to not feel pressured to know everything there is to know, but to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable asking questions whenever you are curious about something. Also, nobody likes a wine snob!! 😉 So sit back, relax, and enjoy your wine tasting!

Comments on ‘Wine Tasting Tip: Ask Questions’:

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for this great question! The difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris is nothing but the name. They both mean “grey pinecone” because of the pinecone-shaped clusters of blue-grey fruit. Pinot Grigio is the Italian name and Pinot Gris is the French name. They are both the exact same varietal, but most people are familiar with the Italian and like with all varietals grown in different regions, each region comes with its own flavor profile in the wines that are produced. For example, an Italian Pinot Grigio will tend to be lighter and crisper, whereas a French Pinot Gris might have a bit more body and texture. But the grapes themselves are exactly the same. Hope this answers your question!

  1. What would a glass of wine cost in a restaurant or in a night club if a bottle of wine cost over $3,000?

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