Harvest 2015

Whats up wine drinkers? Just wanted to give you all a quick shout

2015 Gewurztraminer
2015 Gewurztraminer

out from the vineyard to let you know whats been going down on the farm and in winery here at Hawk Haven.

We are full throttle now, right smack dab in the middle of harvest. Its chaos, but with Mr. Todd Wuerker at the helm you can say its organized chaos.
Notice how it hasn’t rained heavily since June? Thats a good thing, especially for us grape growers. Grapes down on the Cape have been ripening sugars and developing their overall deliciousness at quite a nice clip, so now its time to destroy our lower backs, take them off the vine and start turning them into top notch wine.
2015 Sauvignon Blanc
2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Take a walk around our 16 acres of grapevines and you will no longer see any yellow colored grapes. They’ve all been yanked, with the last of the Chardonnay coming off this week. Fermentation is well under way for many of our whites, if not completed. In fact, this year’s Pinot Grigio and Gewurtztraminer you can already go ahead and call 2015 vintage wine.

A definite crowd pleaser, our Malbec, got things started for the red grape harvest yesterday. Its vine time was up and with incredibly good color, brix (sugar content) and acid it’ll most likely be destined for our “Q,” which if you’re a robust red kinda nut, has the potential to be flat out legendary this year.
Of course, we’ll keep you informed.