Talks with Todd: The New Hawk Haven Shipping Club

Located in rural Cape May County. Enjoy wine in our bucolic setting.
Located in rural Cape May County. Enjoy wine in our bucolic setting.

Greetings! If you are reading this message, it means you’ve probably visited our tasting room and enjoyed your experience here, or you found us online and we piqued your interest long enough for you to read this. Either way it means you saw something of value in Hawk Haven and for that I thank you! We have gone from just a few acres of vines, my wife, Kenna, and I the only two working in the tasting room, to producing a projected 5,000 cases of wine in 2016, with 14 acres under vine, more than 20 different wines, and a tight-knit group of staff members who are like family to us. We truly couldn’t have grown as much as we have without you, the people who believed in us and the quality of our wines. And so now I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our latest endeavor, the Hawk Haven Wine Shipping Club.

One of the reasons Kenna and I decided to create the Shipping ClubHawk Haven Vineyard is because we love sharing wine with people. Making good wine isn’t just about throwing some grapes in a barrel and waiting for magic to happen. It starts in the vineyard where our European vines are carefully grafted to American rootstock for its resistance to native diseases. It continues through the growing season as we hand prune the leaves away from the grapes to allow them plenty of sunshine, resulting in enhanced flavors. I’ve even caught Lalo, our vineyard manager, singing to the vines as we work. And when harvest season arrives, we are up bright and early to begin the careful process of handpicking each cluster. And that is only the beginning.

You can visit our tasting room any time to try wines you know you love or think you might enjoy, and the selection will vary throughout the year, but with our Shipping Club I get an amazing opportunity to curate a selection of my wines that are the best of the best for unique reasons. You see, I have put together three distinct levels of the Shipping Club to meet your oenological interests and desires. Find out which level best matches your drinking personality:

Hawk Haven Vineyard Red-Tailed Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, and American Kestrel WhiteOur Vintage Level features newly released wines meant for everyday drinking. These wines are for those laid-back wine drinkers who know what they like yet also aren’t afraid to try something new. They want something to open and enjoy, no aging or cellaring required. The Vintage Level membership will consist of a combination of sweet and dry wines that are ready to drink as soon as they arrive at your doorstep.

The Estate Level member appreciates hard work and dedication.

Hawk Haven Wine and CorkThey understand that greatness is achieved by taking chances and pushing the envelope. They know that there is a perfect time for everything, and for the wines of the Estate Level, that time is now. These wines were good when they were first released; I wouldn’t have put them out if they weren’t ready. But every wine has its peak, its time to shine, and these are the wines that I will send as part of the Estate Level membership. Members will receive dry reds and whites, including limited release wines.

2010 TempranilloA Cellar Level member doesn’t know good wine. They know GREAT wine. They know that some wines are destined for excellence while others achieve it over time. Some are aged to perfection, carefully cellared for you until this perfect moment. Some are a perfect combination of the elements; ideal growing conditions, a plentiful harvest, and postmodern winemaking. Cellar Level members will receive dry reds and whites, including the limited Signature Series collection and the occasional cellared wine which is no longer available in the Hawk Haven tasting room.

Where do you fit? The choice is yours. The sooner you make it, the sooner a simple package will arrive at your door. You’ll open the box, uncork a bottle, inhale the aromas. Then, take a sip. And there it is. The moment you didn’t even know you were waiting for. Sign up today by calling or visiting our tasting room, open daily.