Looking Towards the Future, Looking Towards Wine

Regardless of who you voted for, we can all agree that this election season has been quite exhausting.  Right up until they announced the victor and our new leader, we were all feeling mentally drained and on edge.  Now, we can celebrate the end and here at Hawk Haven we choose to celebrate with the very thing that got us through this election season… Wine!  wine-meme

Wine has been a faithful friend during those late night debates and grueling conversations with certain friends and relatives that are never afraid to tell you their opinions of your political views.  Personally, I was gripping my glass throughout the night as reporters repeatedly exclaimed it was “Too Close to Call.”  That is all over now though, and therefore we should all rejoice that we are on the other side of what seemed like a never ending  tunnel.

For your sake and your sanity, we’d like to prescribe you with bottles and bottles of wine.  Stock up for yourself or take a peace offering, and by that we mean a bottle of fine wine, such as ourCellar20 2014 Talon, to a friend or relative that you might have butted heads with over the election.  Talk about things other than the election and laugh over the tension that was once interfering with your relationships.  A good bottle of wine and good conversation might be exactly what you need to happily move forward.

You could even cook a great meal to accompany your wine selection.  We suggest a nice and comforting hearty pasta dish for dinner, especially if you’re pairing with the 2014 Talon.  This Tuscan Styled blend will accompany a meaty dish such as a bolognese or a cheesy pasta bake such as this Italian sausage and kale dish.

Maybe you want to throw a small wine gathering with your friends to celebrate a return to normalcy.  Here are 3 quick suggestions and tips for your potential gathering…

  1. Make it a BYOB:  This way you don’t break the bank purchasing your favorite wine, but you can celebrate each other’s differences in tastes when it comes to wine
  2. Be Sure to check out great wine and food pairings (such as the recipes above)
  3. Find a really fun playlist to play at the party such as this election day distraction playlist or play a movie that you and your friends love that is sure to provide a good laugh

Hawk Haven WinesAs the election hype drags on, try not to stress over things you can not change.  In time, we will heal the nation’s divide, but what better way to start than sharing some wine and good times with those you love.  Whether, you are celebrating or mourning the outcome of this election, have pride and poise in your own beliefs and just enjoy the brief break from this headache inducing election.  You can stop by the Hawk Haven tasting room any day from 11am-5pm to pick up your prescribed dose of wine.   We are certain that wine will do wonders for the soul. Cheers Everyone!