We Might Not Have Chocolate in 40 Years…

Scientists say that the cacao plant may face some struggles in the years leading up to 2050. This is due to the increasing temperature in the areas where the plant is being grown. The already narrow land dedicated to the cacao plant will become narrower and will have to move further and further away from its original spot. It will eventually be unable to move because it will overlap with preserved land for wildlife. Is there a way to keep the cacao plant around without disturbing any wildlife?

Save the Cacao Plant!

There is hope! The Mars chocolate company is funding a research project about the cacao plant. They have backed scientists that are doing research in order to create a cacao plant that can withstand these higher temperatures. (PHEW!) There is technology called CRISPR that allows scientists to make changes to DNA. These changes can help plants that may go extinct or produce deadly toxins when grown in hotter temperatures. Changes can be made to the DNA of the cacao plant; this should allow the plant to withstand the increasing temperatures and dryer climate that is coming to the region that the plant is grown in. We would like to say THANK YOU to the scientists and Mars for trying to keep our beloved chocolate around longer than 2050. We want to be able to pair wine and chocolate together forever, if possible!


Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekends

Just in case nothing can be done to save our beloved chocolate, you might want to get your chocolate fix in! You can do that with your friends, family, and loved ones during the Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend. Pairing delicious organic chocolate with our award-winning wines. You won’t want to leave unless you have chocolate and wine in hand (and that’s extremely likely to happen)! If we didn’t convince you enough with the extinction of chocolate, click here to check out our blog about the health benefits of wine, chocolate, and getting together with friends/loved ones. Find out more details about these amazing Wine & Chocolate weekends at Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery this February 10th, 11th, 17th & 18th by clicking here or on the photo to the left.